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Description of indoor flat panel antenna:

  • Designed for all HD, Full HD and 3D TV and more, has a heavy stable base and less susceptible to vibrations
  • VHF/UHF indoor antenna
  • Up to 30dB gain on each VHF and/or UHF signals
  • External amplifier with independent gain control and extra long 1.5m length of cable for flexibility
  • Includes 1m long USB cable for caravans, making it convenient to use where there is no access to 240V power.

The AP546 digital TV antenna takes a new step in design for digital indoor TV antennas. The flat panel aesthetic is designed to fit into the modern home entertainment environment, matching flat panel TV's, Hi-Fi receivers and Blu ray players, fitting seamlessly into the picture.

The external amplifier uses market leading design and to separate the VHF and UHF signals. As the two signal bands behave differently, it is beneficial to separate them, giving you more control over the gain of the signals, and hence more control over your reception.

With extra long telescopic antennas, this antenna provides better performance in Metro areas.



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